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Times recommends: Vote no on St. Petersburg Charter amendment amendment, vote no
Times recommends: Vote no on Amendment 2, medical marijuana amendment, vote no
Adam Putnam and Florida Chamber Take Aim at Amendment 2 amendment, putman, agriculture, Business, tourism
Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops-AMENDMENT 2 Concerns Require a Closer Look October 1, 2014 religious leader, church, amendment, Bishops, vote no
Tribune editorial: Voters should reject the medical marijuana amendment vote no, amendment
Pastor's Blog: About Medical Marijuana catholic, religious leader, church, amendment

Let’s call a spade a spade.  Don’t be fooled to think you are helping the sick by voting for this when, in fact, you would just be making marijuana accessible to virtually everyone.  

Sheriff Don Eslinger: Amendment 2 puts families and communities in danger amendment, youth, Florida
On Pot Vote, Think of Kids, Teens church, religious leader, amendment
Florida Sheriffs Association and Florida Physicians Discuss Negative Impact of Marijuana and Edible Products amendment, Sheriff
Baptist Convention: RESOLUTION TO OPPOSE THE LEGALIZATION OF MEDICAL MARIJUANA religious leader, church, amendment, vote no
Florida Taxwatch 2014 Voter Guide voters, amendment, vote no
International Drive Chamber Resolution Resolution, amendment, vote no
Ex-Florida Supreme Court justices against amendment for medical marijuana judges, supreme court, vote no, amendment
Former justices: Why voters should reject medical marijuana amendment amendment, vote no, judges, legalization
Lawyers, not doctors, push medical pot: My Word Doctors, amendment
Bishop Robert Lynch- Going to Pot ! Really? amendment, Bishop Lynch, religious leader, church
Bob Gualtieri, Drug Free America worry about broad medical marijuana language Doctors, amendment
5 things you won’t see in Florida’s medical marijuana regulations amendment

The things you won't see in the law are:

  • Suggestions on addressing the local zoning regulations. “We can’t fix local zoning, so that has to be negotiated at the local level,” Tschetter said.
  • Suggestions that pharmacists should be a part of the bill.
  • Certain recommendations on business practices, such as requiring that the business can’t be sold for two years, that they have in-state partners, that they have certain kinds of insurance. Those ideas aren't in the law itself, drive up cost and could delay implementation,Tschetter said.
  • What medical conditions should qualify for the use of medical marijuana. That’s defined in the law.
  • The legal status of the source material. “Once it's here it’s legal,” Tschetter said.
Marijuana Legalization Would Be 'a Health Catastrophe' amendment
Florida Medical Marijuana Dangerous? Calvina Fay Claims Legal Weed Amendment Is Really Recreational Marijuana youth, amendment
Opponents continue to slam Amendment 2, allowing medical pot amendment
Amendment 2 is backdoor to legalize pot amendment, Florida
Amendment is not needed for medical marijuana amendment, Charlotte's Web
Pope Francis Condemns Legalization of Marijuana legalization, Pope, church, amendment, religious leader

Francis told members of a drug-enforcement conference meeting in Rome on Friday that even limited attempts to legalize recreational drugs “are not only highly questionable from a legislative standpoint, but they fail to produce the desired effects.”     Unless of course the desired effect is to get High.

Republicans jump into Florida campaign against medical marijuana amendment
Less than 5 percent of medical marijuana users have cancer or AIDS, opposition group says amendment, cancer, AIDS

Evidence does suggest fairly strongly that the people who use medical marijuana for cancer or AIDS is a small percentage of all users.

'Vote No on 2' Group Is Actually Helping the Amendment Work amendment
Base Amendment 2 vote on fact, not emotion addiction, Doctors, amendment
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