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FDACS inspectors block 8,700 hemp-extract packages ‘marketed to children’ from hitting Florida shelves

To enforce the changes, FDACS conducted “the largest ever inspection sweep of businesses selling products that contain hemp extracts in July and August,” a Department press note said. That included examinations of more than 700 businesses across all 67 Florida counties and resulted in the discovery of 83,000 packages of hemp-extract products that wouldn’t look out of place in a candy aisle.

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Reformed Hemp Product Laws Better Protect Kids

To report concerns about a retailer who sells snacks containing hemp-derived products, contact:

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2023 11 14 Agriculture Meeting- Delta-8 THC

Panel begins at 17 minutes; Public Comment at 1:33:00

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Six children hospitalized in Florida after eating cannabis gummies at after-school program

A total of eight children ranging from 6 to 8 years of age consumed the gummies. Six of the children were transported to Broward Health and Florida Medical Center, according to Lauderhill Fire Rescue officials.

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Florida Could See Further Restrictions On Hemp Products In 2024 Session

The bill that Robinson and Burton sponsored during the 2023 session originally would have limited the amount of THC (the main psychoactive compound in cannabis) in hemp products, but it faced a fierce pushback from members from the hemp industry as well as regular Floridians who say they rely on the product to deal with physical pain.
For example, in the House, the bill set THC limits not to exceed 5 milligrams per serving or 50 milligrams per package and prohibit those products to anyone under the age of 21. Ultimately, the bill sponsors removed the provision that would limit the THC amounts.
“We just ran out of time,” Robinson told the Phoenix on Wednesday. “We had to get it through the final committee hearing [and] we had 80 percent of the bill that everyone ...

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Operation Kandy Krush

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Commissioner Wilton Simpson Announces Florida’s Largest Ever Hemp Inspection Sweep, ‘Operation Kandy Krush,’

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Today, Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Wilton Simpson announced the results of “Operation Kandy Krush,” the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ largest ever inspection sweep of food establishments selling products that contain hemp extracts. The week-long statewide inspection sweep targeted the illegal sale of hemp extract products that are attractive and/or marketed to children, prohibited by Florida Law. The sweep included inspections of more 475 food establishments in 37 Florida counties and uncovered 68,689 packages of hemp extract products — including euphoric, high-potency THC products — targeting children.

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6th graders, ages 12 and 13, sickened by marijuana gummies at Putnam County elementary school

DeLoach said a 12-year-old female student reportedly was passing out and exhibiting symptoms of an overdose. The principal told deputies the child might have taken THC gummies along with three other students who may have eaten some as well.

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Revamped hemp bill ready for House floor without THC caps

The bill originally envisioned a limit of 0.5 milligrams of THC per dose, or 2 milligrams per container, a proposal which rankled the hemp industry. The cap was subsequently lifted from 0.5 milligrams per serving to 5 milligrams per serving, and from 2 milligrams per package to 50 milligrams per package.
“All caps are O-U-T, out,” Robinson said.

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