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Marijuana Money - Is money influencing some Florida lawmakers to limit the market? follow the money

But the complex details on how to get that done is now being hashed out in Tallahassee and as we uncovered, some key lawmakers in Florida's weed wars are already seeing the green from it.

Tampa Bay Parenting magazine founder's next venture: Cannabis follow the money

I was right!  Supporters are mostly people who smoke themselves, personal injury attorney lawyers, greedy entrepreneurs,  those who believe the commercials stating “it is a miracle drug” and/or paid employees.

Money influences election outcomes legalization, follow the money, Infographics, elections

Morgan Touts Medical Marijuana Morgan, follow the money
John Morgan on Charlotte’s Web: ‘It’s the beginning of the beginning’ follow the money, insurance, Business, drug free workplace

John Morgan and other attorneys will be ready to represent patients that may be denied adequate access to medical pot. Drug Free Workplaces- Beware!

MacKinnon: Medical pot push driven by profit ballot, Colorado-0, Medical, chemicals, follow the money

Does nobody else see the multiple flaws and outright dangers associated with such an amendment? Does anyone else not recognize the fact that “medical marijuana” is a fantasy created for profit?

Marijuana firm buys Manatee buildings for possible grow facility follow the money, grow sites
The Marijuana Lobby’s Deep Pockets lobby, soros, Morgan, legalization, follow the money
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