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Parents of Plant High School student who died of heroin use now meeting with state attorney overdose, tampa

They say they took their daughter to counseling, rehab summer camps, anything to help with her marijuana use and mental health struggles. The day before her overdose, she had passed two drug tests.  Her parents thought they had finally turned a corner.

2002-2014 Colorado County Drug Overdose Colorado, overdose

New data paint a grim picture of Colorado’s rising drug-related deaths.

And, two pager  http://www.coloradohealthinstitute.org/uploads/downloads/Drug_deaths_2_p...

Marijuana wax: A clear and present danger hash oil, Minnesota, fire, Death, overdose

Smoking or ingesting the wax can be deadly. Two teens overdosed in Duluth after using the drug.

Colorado lawsuit alleges cannabis overdose from fairground candy Colorado-0, candy, Death, overdose
Smoking cannabis CAN kill you: German researchers identify two men who died purely as a result of using the drug overdose, Studies, Death

They discovered that the deaths of two of the patients could not be put down to anything other than marijuana use.

Both of these people were men who had died after their hearts started beating either too fast or too slowly.

The researchers believe that this change in heart rhythm – called arrhythmia - was caused by cannabis.

The reason they came to this conclusion was that both had smoked the drug within a few hours of their death and neither had any history of heart problems.

First-woman-in-Britain-to-die-from-cannabis-poisoning Death, overdose
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