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Miami attorney compares legalizing medical marijuana to legalizing pedophilia zoning, Miami, dispensaries, pot shops

The position that medical marijuana dispensaries are prohibited due to the conflict in federal law is not unique. Coral Gables, for instance, holds the same opinion.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/miami-dade/article151193...

Saturday's letters: It's the pill mill problem all over again opionion, miller, pot shops

The state capital may be in Tallahassee, but the pot shop capital for the South may soon become Tampa. Hillsborough County commissioners stuck down a provision that would have limited the number of marijuana dispensaries/pot shops. What does that mean for citizens living in unincorporated Hillsborough?

Detroit’s Marijuana Dispensaries Get Lit At Night Detroit, Michigan, pot shops
Medical marijuana dispensaries will outnumber Walmarts and Walgreens in Florida Amendment 2, pot shops, medical dispensaries

"It’s the best educated guess that we have," United for Care director Ben Pollara said. "It’s up to the Department of Health and the Legislature. … It could be 2,000, it could be 20. It could be 5,000."
The state health department did project 1,993 medical marijuana dispensaries would be needed to serve potential patients, based on data from Colorado compared with Florida. That is more than the 840 Walgreens and 233 Walmart supercenters and discount stores in the state, although the comparison seems like a bit of a red herring.
It’s important to remember that while the health department report is the only real estimate available, this figure isn’t definite. The agency and the Legislature would decide the actual number of stores and how they are regulated after the amendment passes. That total is anyone’s guess.

Marijuana Dependence Hospitalizations Increasing pot shops, dispensaries, hospital

“As marijuana is approved for medical or recreational use, we need to carefully consider where we allow dispensaries to be placed,” said lead author Christina Mair, Ph.D., assistant professor in Pitt Public Health’s Department of Behavioral and Community Health Sciences. “Our study indicates that there are real problems associated with a higher density of marijuana dispensaries in neighborhoods. More study and monitoring, coupled with thoughtful legislation and community discussion, will be prudent to ensure that marijuana laws have the fewest negative consequences for vulnerable populations.”

Neighborhood Marijuana Shops Linked to Pot-Related Hospital Stays pot shops, hospitalization, neighborhood

"Our study indicates that there are real problems associated with a higher density of marijuana dispensaries in neighborhoods," Mair said. Community discussions are needed to ensure that marijuana laws have the fewest negative consequences for vulnerable people.

Is Florida Trading Pill Mills for Pot Shops? pot shops, SOS
Billionaire George Soros behind major push for marijuana legalization soros, profit, pot shops

If you don't think promoting marijuana for medical purposes is about making a profit... THINK AGAIN.

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Applicant Sues Over Inconsistent Scoring pot shops, lawyer, dispensaries
Retired Yakima doctor faces charge related to medical pot Doctors, pot shops, pill mills

Pill mills can become pot shops-  unethical doctors will find a new job!

Blowing Smoke pot shops, ballot, legalization, THC
  • Calling the ballot measure’s wording “disingenuous,” he predicted if the measure becomes part of the Florida constitution, “We’ll have more places selling [pot] than we have Starbucks.”
  • No responsible scientific studies exist to demonstrate that inhaling the smoke of burning cannabis constitutes the optimum delivery system, but data indicating the same risks associated with smoking tobacco (cancer, emphysema, pneumonia, heart disease) attach to toking up.
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