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The Illusion of Marijuana As Medicine Doctors, bullying

First, dosing of smoked marijuana remains unpredictable. And although much of the medical marijuana debate centers on the effects of single exposures, insufficient information exists regarding the effects of repeated exposures. Approximately 10% of people routinely using marijuana become addicted, with a higher incidence amongst adolescents. Tolerance and down-regulation of receptors have been documented with repeated marijuana use. A marijuana withdrawal syndrome has also been recognized, as has an association with psychosis.

Doctors to give Trudeau an earful for his marijuana legalization plans Canada, Doctors

“While marijuana can cause anxiety and paranoia, addiction, decreased cognition, behavioural problems and impaired driving,” doctors said, Trudeau’s promise to legalize it means all they can do is try to persuade him to anticipate future health costs, introduce measures to protect public safety, and ensure there is appropriate surveillance of consequences.

Arizona court to rule on medical marijuana immunity issue lawsuit, Medical, Doctors, Arizona

PHOENIX - The Arizona Supreme Court says immunity provided doctors under the state's medical marijuana law for certifying patients to use pot only applies to the medical certifications, not other conduct such as making false statements in documents.
The ruling Friday overturns a lower court's decision that upheld dismissal of forgery and fraud charges against a physician on grounds that he was protected under the medical marijuana's law immunity provision.
Dr. Robert Gear was charged in Navajo County after signing a medical marijuana certification for a police informant based on his examination but before receiving a year's worth of the patient's records.

ACOG: Doctors Should Urge Against Prenatal Marijuana Use Pregnancy, Doctors, Research

Studies show that children exposed to marijuana in utero have lower scores on tests of visual problem-solving, visual and motor coordination, and visual analysis, compared with children not exposed to the drug, the report states. Prenatal marijuana exposure also has been associated with decreased attention span and behavioral problems. The nervous system of a human fetus can respond to the chemicals in marijuana within 14 weeks of gestation, and studies have shown that 14-year-olds are more likely to be marijuana users if their mothers used the drug during pregnancy.

The Florida Osteopathic Medical Association Opposed to Amendment 2 Initiative Doctors, Resolution
Lawyers, not doctors, push medical pot: My Word Doctors, amendment
Bob Gualtieri, Drug Free America worry about broad medical marijuana language Doctors, amendment
Doctors' lobby officially opposes marijuana amendment Doctors, vote no
Medicine by public opinion: Where are the doctors? Medical, Doctors
New York Times Calls for Legalization of Marijuana, ASAM Strongly Objects Doctors, Medical, vote no, addiction

 Stuart Gitlow, MD, president of ASAM and a board-certified addiction medicine specialist, called the paper’s stance “irresponsible” and “ignorant of the facts” that clearly place marijuana on the continuum of psychoactive drugs that trigger addiction and lifelong chronic brain disease.

Problems With the Medicalization of Marijuana Doctors, treatment, youth, Medical

Because regulatory standards of the production process vary by state, the composition, purity, and concentration of the active constituents of marijuana are also likely to vary. This is especially problematic because unlike most other prescription medications that are single active compounds, marijuana contains more than 100 cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids that produce individual, interactive, and entourage effects.

No other prescription medication is smoked; concerns remain about the long-term risks of respiratory problems associated with smoking marijuana, which are a subject of active investigation.
5 THCis already available in a pill approved by the FDA, yet this form seems to be less desirable to those seeking medical marijuana; this may in part be because its euphoric effects are not immediate and cannot be reliably controlled, unlike smoked marijuana. 6

The current system of dispensing marijuana does not safeguard adequately against the potential for diversion and abuse.


Base Amendment 2 vote on fact, not emotion Doctors

The Brevard County Medical Society (BCMS) opposes Amendment 2, the constitutional amendment to legalize marijuana for medical conditions; and further, the BCMS supports and adopts the following policy statements from the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM):  Read Article for details.

Base Amendment 2 vote on fact, not emotion addiction, Doctors, amendment
Retired Yakima doctor faces charge related to medical pot Doctors, pot shops, pill mills

Pill mills can become pot shops-  unethical doctors will find a new job!

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