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Medical marijuana amendment fails; conservation passes vote no, education
Florida Chamber of Commerce vote no, chamber of commerce


Times recommends: Vote no on St. Petersburg Charter amendment amendment, vote no
Times recommends: Vote no on Amendment 2, medical marijuana amendment, vote no
Medical Marijuana- Can we call this Medicine? Pharmacists, Motycka, vote no
Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops-AMENDMENT 2 Concerns Require a Closer Look October 1, 2014 religious leader, church, amendment, Bishops, vote no
Tribune editorial: Voters should reject the medical marijuana amendment vote no, amendment
Baptist Convention: RESOLUTION TO OPPOSE THE LEGALIZATION OF MEDICAL MARIJUANA religious leader, church, amendment, vote no
Florida Taxwatch 2014 Voter Guide voters, amendment, vote no
International Drive Chamber Resolution Resolution, amendment, vote no
Ex-Florida Supreme Court justices against amendment for medical marijuana judges, supreme court, vote no, amendment
Former justices: Why voters should reject medical marijuana amendment amendment, vote no, judges, legalization
Rubio comes out in limited support of medical marijuana vote no, rubio
Florida police chiefs urge Floridians to vote against medical marijuana legalization vote no, safety, Police
Doctors' lobby officially opposes marijuana amendment Doctors, vote no
UF to say no to pot, even if marijuana amendment passes UF, vote no, university
Medical marijuana a no-go for Mass. college students living on campus college, vote no
New York Times Calls for Legalization of Marijuana, ASAM Strongly Objects Doctors, Medical, vote no, addiction

 Stuart Gitlow, MD, president of ASAM and a board-certified addiction medicine specialist, called the paper’s stance “irresponsible” and “ignorant of the facts” that clearly place marijuana on the continuum of psychoactive drugs that trigger addiction and lifelong chronic brain disease.

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