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Column: Why five former justices oppose Amendment 2 supreme court, Amendment 2

As former Florida Supreme Court justices who love Florida and its great Constitution, we urge voters to protect and defend our Constitution and the fundamental principles of representative government by voting "no" on Amendment 2.

Colorado Supreme Court Provides a Moment of Sanity on Marijuana Colorado, Employer, Business, supreme court

In a unanimous (6-0) decision on June 15, 2015 in Coats v. Dish Network, the Colorado Supreme Court, ruled that an employer could fire an employee for testing positive for marijuana in that state despite the legality of both medical and recreational marijuana, even if the marijuana use were based on a physician’s recommendation and even if the marijuana use were limited to nonworking hours away from the workplace. The Colorado state marijuana laws are in conflict with the federal law, under which marijuana is an illicit substance and in this Supreme Court ruling, marijuana use was therefore considered “illegal.”

Former Heads of the DEA Support the Battle Against Legalizing Marijuana legalization, DEA, supreme court, lawsuit
Ex-Florida Supreme Court justices against amendment for medical marijuana judges, supreme court, vote no, amendment
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