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Why Is It So Hard To Test Whether Drivers Are Stoned? Potency, impaired, drugged driving, DUI

The simple fact that THC is fat soluble. That makes it absorbed in a very different way and much more difficult to relate behavior to, say, [blood] levels of THC or develop a breathalyzer."  The height of your intoxication isn't at the moment when blood THC levels peak, and the high doesn't rise and fall uniformly based on how much THC leaves and enters your bodily fluids, says Marilyn Huestis, who headed the chemistry and drug metabolism section at the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Emphasis patrols to target DUI problem areas through Labor Day car crashes, DUI, Fatalities, Washington

“We have seen marijuana involvement in fatal crashes remain steady over the years, and then it just spiked in 2014,” said Dr. Staci Hoff, WTSC Data and Research Director.
From 2010-2014, nearly 60 percent of drivers involved in fatal collisions were tested for drugs. Among these tested drivers, approximately 20 percent (349 drivers) were positive for marijuana.
From 2008 through 2014, more than 1,100 people died in impaired collisions in Washington. Impaired driving is involved in nearly half of all traffic deaths and more than 20 percent of serious injury collisions. The highest percentage of these deaths occurs during the summer months.

Palm Bay man charged in pedestrian death Impairment, Death, DUI, pedestrians, Fatalities, car crashes

A blood sample was taken from Asker after a police investigator detected marijuana impairment.

Hillsborough DUI - Marijuana Impairment car crashes 2, Impairment, DUI
Driving Under the Influence, of Marijuana DUI, Impairment, alcohol

A highway safety official in Colorado, where marijuana is legal, said that “a lot of people don’t think D.U.I. laws apply.”

Pot smokers arrested for DUI: A record high in Washington DUI, Arrest, Washington

Significantly more drivers pulled over by police in Washington state are testing positive for marijuana since legalization of the drug's recreational use took effect in January, according to figures released this week by the Washington State Patrol.

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